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Buying my new “home”

Now, don’t everybody panic.  Notice the quotes.  Those are important. Of all this items I have purchased and all that’s left to still purchase the hardest decision has been, what bag(s) to put it all in.  After all, the bag(s) … Continue reading

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Good thing I really like my doctor…and other miscellany

Went to the Travel Clinic and started the immunizations – jeez – a pain in both my arms and my pocketbook!  And I still have round two to go… This next week is also my colonoscopy, joy of joys.  Like … Continue reading

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Itinerary (as it currently stands because all things can and do change with time)

To answer the – where are you going question, the current itinerary looks like this: September 1st – leave Kansas City on the Grey hound and travel for a month seeing family and friends throughout the south/west.  That includes; Dallas, … Continue reading

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Less than 12 weeks…

Wow, twelve weeks from yesterday is my planned departure date, 1 September, 2013. Holey Moley! I’ve been working at the new job for 18 days straight so I’m no closer to being ready to go than I was the last … Continue reading

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